The final amount of beer you have at bottling time will depend on how much you lose along the way. There will be some wort left in your kettle with the hops and cold break if you siphon the wort from the kettle to the fermentor. There will also be some beer lost to the yeast and trub when racking from the primary fermentor to the secondary fermentor. These volume losses will be dependent on your process and equipment, take note of where and how much you lose along the way and adjust your process to have 5 gallons of beer at bottling time. There are 640 oz in 5 gallons, below are some general counts for different bottle sizes.

  • 48-54 12 ounce bottles
  • 32-35 16 ounce bottles
  • 24-26 22 ounce bottles
  • 16-18 32 ounce bottles