It really does not matter which type of concentrate you choose. Any wine you make, whether it is made from concentrate or fresh fruits, is going to be dry when it is finished. That is just part of having a complete fermentation. When you get to the point where you are ready to bottle, that is the time to make your wine the sweetness you want. Just add wine stabilizer such as Potassium Sorbate to your wine. This stabilizer will keep the wine from re-fermenting. Then add sugar back to the wine until you reach the desired sweetness you are looking for. This gives you complete control over how sweet the wine is going to be.

Don't try adding excessively more additional sugar in the beginning of fermentation, the yeast will just turn it into alcohol.  Some old timers used to do this, and they got a sweet wine because the yeast increased the alcohol levels to the point that they killed themselves. That method is to unpredictable , and the results are all over the place.

You are much better off using the proper amount of sugar called for in a sound wine recipe.

Also keep in mind, the higher the alcohol level, the more the alcohol deadens your taste buds, the less you'll taste the fruity flavors you want to taste. Keep it balanced