Typically, depending on the beer style, from brewing day to drinking day, it is usually a minimum of four weeks:

  • week 1: primary fermentation (4-7 days depending on activity before racking)
  • week 2: secondary fermentation
  • week 3 & 4: carbonating

Many styles will benefit from an extra couple weeks of aging in the bottle or keg. (We know, it’s that whole patience thing)

Brewing a batch of extract beer takes about 2 hours from start to clean-up. If you brew all-grain beers, it's a good six hour day. Racking the beer after week 1 into a sanitized carboy takes about 20- 30 minutes total, including sanitizing and actually transferring the beer, and cleaning your primary fermenter. Bottling day should take an hour at most, from preparing your priming sugar, sanitizing the bottles, transferring the beer to a sanitized bottling bucket (using only sanitized tubes and racking canes), putting the beer into bottles and capping them.