If you choose to age your wine in the carboy beyond the recommended bottling times, you will need to protect the wine during this stage. Be sure to keep the carboy topped up into the neck of the carboy, change the liquid in the airlock monthly and store the carboy in a cool environment in a temperature range of 7 – 18ºC (45 – 65ºF) with the mid-range preferred. You will need to replenish the sulphite previously added at the stabilizing stage as the sulphite level will drop over time in the bulk aging period. Sulphite is an essential preservative for wine. If you do not replenish the sulphite by adding ¼ teaspoon potassium or sodium metabisulphite powder (dissolved in a small amount of cold water) to the 23 litre carboy before bottling, the wine will quickly begin to oxidize and deteriorate in the bottle. If you cannot meet all of the above conditions for bulk aging, it is probably est to bottle according to the recipe recommendation.