Apple or Pear Federweisser (Federweißer)

1 gallon


Yeast: Sherry

 pH: does not matter


1 gallon apple (pear) cider or clear apple (pear) juice

1 tsp flour (if you use clear juice)

2 pounds sugar (for fermentation)

1.75 ounces sugar (before drinking)

1 tsp gelatin finings 

1 tsp yeast nutrient



This is the easiest recipe I've found. This federweisser tastes (according to its original author) better than the stuff you buy. The sugar content before fermentation can be varied, so you can calculate the alcohol level. 


The Federweisser should be started about 1 week before you want to drink it. You should dissolve the sugar in the juice and put the whole thing in a carboy for about a week. Don't forget the airlock. A few hours before drinking, you should add the rest of the sugar. If it is still very dry, you'll need to add about 1.75 ounces of sugar.

Afterwards, put it in the fridge and drink it while it's cold.