Blackberry Bordeaux


6 gallons


24 lbs wild Northern Michigan Blackberries (yum!!) 

5 lbs fresh elderberries

3 lbs bananas

1 quart red grape Concentrate (Brew King) 




- Pressed blackberries (reserved juice and Pulp)

- Made banana extract (1 1/2 quarts water) strained, discarded pulp.

- Mashed elderberries (reserved juice and pulp)

- combined berry juice and grape concentrate and put in primary.

- dissolved 7 lbs sugar in banana extract, brought to boil, and poured through the berry pulp into primary fermentor.

- boiled additional 3/4 gallon water and poured through berry pulp into primary.

- gently pressed remaining liquid from berry pulp returned juice to fermentor.

- split content of pulp in half & place half of pulp in clean straining bag. Rest will go to jam, jelly, & perhaps a pie.

- Adjusted must to 4 gallons total took all readings adjusted sugar, & acid for final volume of six gallons. - Raised level to five gallons rechecked measurements made final adjustments, including the addition of Pectic enzyme, Yeast nutrients, acid, and Tannin as required.

- Raised level to six gallons. All measurements and final calculations correct. Final Sp. Gravity 1.100 - returned straining bag with pulp to primary.

- Sulphited to 70 ppm total S02


Let sit overnight 


- Added Lalvin K1-1116 Yeast for ferment. Must at 72 F

- planning on using American Oak Stavin cubes during bulk aging.