5 gallons


1-96oz can Vintner's Harvest Blackberry wine-base

1-46oz can Alexander's Cabernet Sauvignon

Approx 8 to 9 lbs sugar to bring SG up to 1.092

3-tsp bentonite

Water to 5 US gallons

Acid blend approx 15 tsp's TA .65 PH 3.2(after acid)

5- tsp nutrient

2.5 tsp pectic enzyme

2 oz toasted French oak

1- pk Premier Cuvee


For stabilizing later

5-campden tablets

2.5 tsp potassium sorbate


1. Add 1/2 US gal hot water to bottom of primary, stir in bentonite till completely mixed in and no lumps.

2. Pour the 96oz can of Vintner's Harvest Blackberry into the primary through a clean sanitized small straining bag capturing the Berries in the bag. Tie top of bag with berries inside and place in primary.

3. Open and add the 46oz can Alexander's Cabernet.

4 Rinse out both cans with water and pour into primary. (discard cans)

5. Boil the 8 to 9 lbs of sugar into 1/2 gal of water to make sugar syrup.

6. Add Cool water and enough of the sugar syrup to make up the total of 5 gallons at an SG of 1.090. Adjust sugar if necessary.

7. Test acid and adjust to .60 TA (mine took 15 tsp's of acid blend)

8. Add pectic enzyme, nutrient and oak to the primary.

9. Make sure must is at 70-75 degrees F. and add Yeast.

10. When SG drops to 1.010 rack to clean sanitized carboy.

11. When fermentation is FULLY complete and SG is stable rack to a clean carboy and add 5 crushed campden tablets and 2.5 tsp potassium sorbate. Stir vigorously to dissipate CO2. Top up carboy and reattach airlock.

12. You all know the drill from here. Rack till every 2 months till perfectly clear, or use a fining agent like SuperKleer or Sparkloid to clear quicker for sooner bottling.


This could be made into a 6 gallon batch, but would be a lighter colored and flavored type wine, although I still think it would be very good. If you add enough water to make a 6 gallon batch, I suggest you try to adjust SG to be 1.080 - 1.084