Blackberry Wine


5 gallons


15 pounds blackberries

12 pounds cane sugar

4 gallons spring water

7 campden tablets

Lalvin 71B-1122 yeast

1.5 tsp grape tannin powder

6 tsp yeast nutrient

3 tsp pectic enzyme powder

1 big handful French oak chips

150 American oak beans

1.5 tsp yeast nutrient


Starting SG 1.098, fermented dry, bulk aging on oak, 13% abv.


Sweetened in July with 1.25 cups of cane sugar

Took out oak in august and coarse filtered in September, very good wine so far. 10-18-04, polish filtered, tastes good, very oakey, very dark color 10-27-04, bottled in 24 clear Beringer bottles, very nice.