Blackberry Wine April ‘04


5 gallons


15 pounds blackberries

12 pounds cane sugar

4 gallons spring water

6 campden tablets

Lalvin ICV-D47 yeast

5 tsp yeast nutrient

3 tsp pectic enzyme powder

0.25 tsp yeast energizer

no acid addition

no tannin addition

no oak

1 large fine mesh straining bag. 


Starting SG 1.096

Sqeezed out straining bag and discarded at SG 1.060

Racked to carboy at SG 1.040 and allowed as much sediment and sludge, etc. as possible in

Fermented to dry, stirring every 5-6 days for about 5 weeks, then stabilized without racking, now bulk aging on the lees.

Trying to produce a very soft, young drinking wine

Racked off lees in august, this wine definitely has a very different flavor profile than the Blackberry Wine [March 04], tastes more like a nouveau or Beaujolais style

Racked for the 3rd time since stabilizing in June on 11-1-04, also sweetened at this time with 1.25 cups of cane sugar, tastes very good, clear

12-13-04, filtered #1 coarse pads. Tastes very good and fruity.

1-14-05, filtered #2 polish pads. Very good, very clear, fruity, but just a tad hot. Will bottle soon. 2-7-05, bottled in 26 green 750 ml bottles with gold capsules.


This is very good wine, even young. It mellowed very nicely during bulk aging