Blackberry/Elderberry port


4 lbs Marion Blackberries

96 oz can Vintner's Harvest blackberry base

4 oz re-hydrated dried elderberries

3 gallons of spring water

11.5 lbs sugar to raise OG to 1.125

2.25 oz tartaric to bring TA to .65%

1.25 teaspoons of pectic enzyme

1/16 tsp K-Meta


Tomorrow to add:

6 oz medium toast French oak chips

EC-1118 yeast


No tannin added yet, but will taste after ferment to determine what the elderberries added.


1.125 is a PA of 17%, so I'll feed this one to try to get to at least 18% abv.


I'll start feeding it sugar when it reaches 1.010 in increments of 13.6 ounces of sugar (in 3.75 gallons) to bring the SG back up to 1.020. Winecalc has this addition as an increase in alcohol of 1.4%. So, if .010 = 1.4%, then:


Starting SG 1.125

1st SG reduction (1.010)

SG converted .115 Divided by increment .01

multiplied by ABV 1.4%


Gives 16.1% ABV from 1.125 to 1.010.