Blueberry Wine


5 gallons


12 pounds frozen blueberries 

16 cups sugar

5 tsp acid blend

5 tsp yeast starter

1.5 tsp tannin

1 packet red star montrachet


I used 4- 3lb bags of frozen blueberries........i put one bag in a colander and sprayed then with warm water to defrost them. after each one was defrosted i filled up a knee high nylon and set in primary...........repeat with other 3 bags.

I used a total of 4 knee high nylons with 3 lbs in each. After I had all 4 bags/nylons in primary add 3 more gallons of water, then i put on some latex gloves and squeezed as much of the juice out as i could. After that I stirred in 5 tsp. acid blend, 5 tsp. yeast starter and 1.5 tsp. tannin plus 1 package of red star montrachet...........Let it sit over night and pitched yeast