Canned Apricot Wine


3 gallons


(You can make 1 gallon batch by dividing ingredients by 3 except yeast).

9- 16oz cans of Apricots in heavy syrup (I used 10 cause of the sale)  4-lb Sugar

3- 11oz cans Welchs frozen white grape for body

Water to 3-gal (3.5 with fruit bag in primary)

3 tsp Acid Blend to .60 - .65TA 

3-tsp Nutrient

1 1/2 -tsp Pectic Enzyme

1- Cote's des Blanc Wine Yeast (you can use Champaign, or Premier Cuvee if you like)


1. Pour contents of the cans of Apricots into sanitized straining bag tie top and place in a 6-7 gallon primary.

2. Crush apricots with rubber gloved hands or with a large potato smasher.

3. Add the 3 cans of Welchs white grape. (they can be thawed in the microwave.)

4. Dissolve sugar in 2 pints of boiling water, remove from heat let cool a bit then add to primary.

5. Then add cold water to the 3.5 gal mark (extra 1/2 gal is to make up for the space taken by the bag of fruit).

6. Test to confirm Starting SG between 1.080 and 1.090, if not adjust with sugar syrup, or cold water as needed. 7. Must should be at or near room temp if not wait till it is, then add nutrient, acid blend to .65 TA, and pectic enzyme .

8. Let sit 12 hours for the pectic enzyme to work

9. Pitch yeast.

10. Ferment for 4-7 days. When SG reaches 1.010 squeeze straining bag to extract juice (with gloved hands) then transfer/siphon all juice into glass carboy (secondary), attach bung and airlock.

11. After 3-4 weeks fermentation should be finished and SG should be near .990 to .995. Rack to a clean sanitized carboy and stir in 3 crushed campdens and 1.5 tsp of potassium sorbate to stabilize.


Proceed to Clear racking every 60 days.


Can be left dry but most would probably like it sweetened a bit. If you wish to sweeten then about 30 days before bottling stir in 1/4 lb sugar (dissolved sugar syrup) per gallon, or sweeten to taste.