Cherry-Mulberry Wine


1 gallon


Here is my recipe for the cherry-mulberry. It is the first batch I made, and it is still in the carboy clarifying. By the way, it is a sweet wine, and it tastes pretty good. Recipe is for 1 gal, I made a 3 gal batch.


3 1/3 lbs sour cherry (put in nylon bag)

1 1/3 lb mulberry (put in nylon bag)

Enough water to bring to 1 gal. (might not need much)

1/4 tsp tannin

1 campden tablet

1 tsp yeast nutrient

1 1/3 lbs beet sugar (or enough to bring sg to about 1.09) 2 tsp acid blend.


next day sprinkle Lalvin kl v1116 yeast on top.


temp of fermenting room was 68 degrees F.


Racked when sg reached .998, 11 days after start.


Racked again 3 weeks later, added 350 ml wine conditioner (with sorbate)


Thats where I am as of now.


It does taste really good - not too sweet.


By the way when I started the wine I forgot I was going to be out of town for a week - and wouldn't be around to punch it down. So, after kicking myself for not looking at my schedule ahead of time I came up with an idea. I filled about 8 wine bottles with water. Corked them, and laid them on top of the must. When I got back a week later the fruit was still submerged under the bottles!