Chocolate Mint - Martina's After Eight Wine


1 gallon


4 cups of chocolate mint, chopped -- they were frozen.

3 lbs sugar

1 tsp yeast nutrient 1/8 tsp tannin

pectic enzyme (Ms. Garey says don't, but I did...)

3 tsps. acid blend

1 campden tablet

1 packet of Montrachet yeast


Water to one gallon


Let the water boil, add the herbs. Take the mixture off the stove, and let it sit overnight. You can adjust the amount of herbs and/or the amount of time you let it seep to adjust the flavor. I'm very impatient, so 4 cups and overnight worked just fine for me.


Add everything else when the water is room temp (sugar, etc). I used a little more sugar -- I usually go by SG, so I added enough sugar to get to about 1.085.... 


Ferment out (SG 0.990). Clears very well on its own. I started this one on the 21st of August, and it was done already in October, but I just got around to bottling it now. I personally don't think it needs additional sugar, since the taste and smell are so unique, but I think once could sweeten to taste