Chokecherry Delight Wine


You will find that the Old Orchard or Welchs additions in the primary & at the end will not cover the Classic Chokecherry flavor of this wine, but will enhance & mellow it with a fruity cherry flavor. Lots of folks that don't really care for Chokecherry wine enjoy this wine because the Chokecherry bite is not as strong. But for those who really like Chokecherry they will find that their beloved Chokecherry flavor still in there alive & well. This is an excellent social wine with hors d'ourves or a nice dessert wine, & it can also be used with some types of foods with meals. Enjoy.

1 gallon

2.5 to 3 lbs ripe chokecherries

1 can (11oz) Old Orchard Frozen 100% Apple/Cherry juice or Welchs Pourable Cherry Sensation 100% juice concentrate.

2 lbs granulated sugar Starting SG 1.080 - 1.095

3.5 quarts water

1 tsp acid blend - if you have an acid test kit adjust acid to .60TA

1 crushed Campden tablet

1 tsp yeast nutrient 1/2 tsp pectic enzyme

wine yeast - Premier Cuvee or Montrachet


1- crushed campden 1/2 tsp potassium sorbate



1. De-stem & sort berries discarding & bruised fruit. Put fruit in the freezer for approx 5 days. Freezing them will help release the juice in the berries.

2. Put thawed berries in a fine nylon straining bag, tie the top & place in the primary. Used clean or rubber gloved hands or large potato masher to crush berries being very careful to only crush the berries and NOT BREAK ANY OF THE PITS.

3. Put 2 quarts of the water on to boil. Once boiling add in the sugar and the dissolve completely, then remove from burner pour over berries in the primary.

4. Cover primary &wait 2-3 hours to set the color, then add the Old Orchard juice (or Welchs) &the other 1.5 quarts of water &the crushed campden tablet.

5. When cooled to room temp stir in the acid blend, &nutrient. If you have a hydrometer check SG &adjust if necessary with sugar or water to a starting SG of 1.080 - 1.095. Cover &allow to sit for 12 hours.

6. After the 12 hours add the pectic enzyme, recover &allow to stand another 12 hours.

7. At the end of the second 12 hours open the primary and sprinkle the yeast on top of the must and recover. In 4-6 hours stir the yeast in to the must and recover. Fermentation should start with in 24 - 48 hours.

8. Push the bag of fruit under the liquid 2 x a day, morning &evening to keep the fruit wet and to extract juice.

9. When SG drops to 1.010 (4-7 days) remove bag of fruit pulp & squeeze gently to extract juice & discard fruit. Siphon the wine into a secondary carboy, fit airlock & allow to sit for 2-4 weeks to completely finish fermentation.

10. When all fermentation is complete, rack off sediment in to a clean sanitized carboy. Stir in 1 crushed campden tablet, &1/2 tsp potassium sorbate to stabilize. (Do not skip the sorbate or fermentation will restart with the below juice addition in step 12)

11. Rack again in 2 months and then rack every 2-3 months until perfectly clear about 6-9 months.

12. When wine is perfectly clear and near bottling stage, rack to a clean sanitized carboy & stir in 1/3 can (no more) of Old Orchard Apple/Cherry concentrate (or welchs) to increase fruity flavor. Note, Some may prefer this wine with only the juice addition added at this point & tasting now will help you decide, but most will enjoy it sweetened back up just a tad more. Make a thick sugar syrup from 1/4lb of sugar & a small amount of water. Add small amounts of the sugar syrup & stir into the wine tasting with each addition. When you reach the desired level of sweetness reinstall the airlock and let it sit for at least 30 days racking one more time before bottling to remove any sugar or juice sediment.

13. Bottle & allow to sit for at least 8-10 months before tasting. It will be even better after a year.