Cucumber Wine


1.5 gal. pre-boiled tap water 

10 peeled medium cucumbers 

2 peeled bananas

4 lbs. sugar

2.25 tsp. acid blend

1.5 tsp. yeast nutrient 1 tsp pectic enzyme

1/4 tsp. grape tannin

2 Campden tablets


Total volume ~2.1 gal. in a 6.5 gal. carboy with a paper towel over the top SG = 1.084


Let this sit 15 hrs. at 69 F for the pectic to do its magic, then added Red Star Champagne yeast (rehydrated for 30 min. in 1/4 c. water @104 F, dropping to 75F). Shook carboy periodically to disperse the pulp and aerate.


And nothing happened. 


After 24 hrs., I poured in a packet of Premier Cuvee yeast.