Dandelion Wine


Well, its time for Dandelion wine...Enjoy this slightly different take on an old classic!


5 gallons


8 lbs. of clean dandelion flowers ....no stems, some greens OK

1 lb. of golden raisins...ground into a paste with food processor

4 to 5 gallons water

3 campden tablets

3 large oranges

3 large limes

3 large lemons

10 lbs. sugar

1/2 tsp. tannin

1 tsp. yeast energizer

3 tsp. yeast mutrient

3/4 tsp. pectic enzyme

Lavin K1-V1116 yeast


1. Place flower heads in large stainless steel pot with 2 gallons water heated almost till boiling along with zest and rinds of citrus fruits, no white bitter pith, let stand 1/2 hour, stir once or twice.

2. Ladle this mixture into a clean, sterilized nylon straining bag, along with raisins. Place into a 6 gal. plastic fermentor with remaining water to equal @ 5 gallons.

3. Take the citrus and juice in a processor, add to fermentor along with chemicals, sugar and crushed campden tablets, let stand 24 hours with lid on to kill off any wild yeasts.

4. Next day, rehydrate the yeast and add to surface, don't stir in...leave on surface and keep warm @ 75 F. to start fermentation, after 2 days fermenting on flowers and rinds, squeeze out bag and discard pulp and let liquid must continue fermenting.

5. Starting Sg 1.090, T.A. .60%, PH 3.2, fermentation should start quickly and I let it finish dry, rack 2 ~3 times and add potassium metabisulfite between rackings to stabilize and let clear @ 3 ~4 months. I will sweeten slightly before bottling. Photo shows secondary fermentation at 2 weeks, notice how its starting to clear from top down.


This wine will age in bottles for 9 months before tasting...Enjoy!!