Day Lily Wine


I used the common day lily - the orange one that is not poisonous and grows everywhere. 


5 gallons


16 qts day lily petals, lightly packed 

2 cans of Apple Juice frozen concentrate 

Water to 5 gallons

10 pounds granulated sugar 

10 tsp acid blend 

2 tsp powdered grape tannin

3 tsp yeast nutrient

Lalvin 72B-1122 yeast


Pick petals only and wash. Be careful to remove all green portions of stem, as this can cause illness. Bring water to a boil and stir in sugar until dissolved. Remove from heat and quickly pour over lily petals in primary. Cover primary and set aside until the must gets a nice, dark, purplish-red color. Add remaining water and apple juice concentrate to cool the must. Stir in the remaining ingredients and sprinkle yeast on top, cover, and put in a warm place for five days, stirring gently each day. Drip drain and discard petals. 


Pour liquid into secondary fermentation vessel and fit airlock. When wine clears, rack into clean secondary, top up and refit airlock. Rack, top up and refit airlock every 30 days as long as even a fine dusting of lees form. When wine stops throwing sediment for 30 days, rack into bottles and age 6-12 months before tasting. 


[Adapted and modified from Jack Keller's recipe.]


In the bulk aging of this wine, the nose has a very fruity flavor – very much like hibiscus wine. The color is dark red, and is very clea