French Lilac Wine

Hello everyone...Well; here it is; the recipe I used for my beautiful French Lilac wine. Try it sometime and enjoy!


4 gallons


3 lbs. of lilac petals, no stems or greens

10 lbs. sugar

4.5 tbs. acid blend 1/2 tsp. tannin

4 gallons water

3 tsp. yeast nutrient

2 campden tablets

Red Star Premier Cuvee yeast


1. Place flowers in a large stainless steel pot with 2 gallons of hot water, almost boiling, let stand 1/2 hour.

2. Pour flower/water mixture into fine mesh nylon straining bag and into a 5~6 gallon plastic fermenting bucket with 2 remaining gallons of cool water and crushed campden tablets, stir well and place lid on and let stand for 24 hours to kill off any wild yeasts.

3. Next day, add remaining ingredients, SG will be close to 1.090, T.A. .60%, PH 2.8, be sure to rehydrate yeast and add to must, keep warm @75F. to start starts quickly.

4. On day two, squeeze out the flowers and juice from the nylon bag and discard pulp and let fermentation proceed. I let my batch slowly ferment at 62F. for 2 ~ 3 weeks until'll be a milky, peachy/rosy color with a very light fragrance. Should take @ 3 ~ 4 months to fully clear, rack 2 ~ 3 times during this time and add potassium metabisulfite between rackings to stabilize.