Guarapo de Pina (m)


Unwashed rinds of fresh pineapple

Sugar: 1 cup per liter of water

Water: 1 liter per 1 pineapple's worth of rinds

Ginger: two medium slices off a ginger root per liter of water

Any juice left from cutting up the pineapple


Put everything into a clean Mason or ceramic jar, making sure the water covers the rinds generously (add more water if it doesn't).


Cover with a cloth and keep in a warm corner of the kitchen. It will smell strong after a day or so, but keep stirring the rinds down under the water and all will be well. You should see fermentation in a day or so. Ferment for a week, stirring often to discourage mold, then strain, chill, and serve right away. 


I would estimate that the guarapo has 4-6% abv, but then again, who ever took out a hydrometer in those days?


Non-scientific, not accurately measured, and pineappley good...a real folk recipe.