Hibiscus Wine


5 gallons


3.5 cups dried hibiscus flowers 

1/3 cup dried elderberries

11 lbs sugar water to 5 gallons 7-1/2 tsp acid blend

5 tsp yeast nutrient 

2 tsp yeast energizer

5 Campden tablets

1 pkg Montrachet yeast 



Starting SG was 1.100



I added the 1/3 cup of dried elderberries for some body. This is definitely my best wine yet, and you can actually drink it young.


I made a yeast starter for this one. On the 4th day, I took the hibiscus and elderberries out. This took from starting to bottling just about exactly 4 months. Everyone loves it - even the non-wine-drinkers.


What would I do differently? I'd use Lalvin 72B-1122 yeast for one.