Jam or Jelly Wine (Strawberry, Peach, Blackberry, Plum, Raspberry)


1 gallon


3-lbs Jelly or Jam any flavor

1-lb Sugar 

6-7 Pints of water

2-tsp Acid Blend

1/8-tsp Tannin

1-tsp Nutrient

1-tsp Pectic Enzyme

1- Premier Cuvee Wine Yeast


Scoop Jelly or Jam into your primary fermentor. Dissolve sugar in 2 pints of boiling water, remove from heat and add 3 pints of cool water to sugar water to cool, then add to primary. (Do not pour the boiling water directly into the jam, be sure to mix with cool water first) Stir in enough Cool Water to make one US Gallon in primary - make sure all lumps are dissolved. Stir in Acid Blend, Tannin, Nutrient and Pectic Enzyme. Check that the temperature is near 70 degrees, if not allow to cool. Test to confirm Starting SG of 1.095 - 1.100 Adjust if necessary. Add yeast. Ferment for 3-5 days. When SG reaches 1.030 transfer/siphon into glass carboy (secondary), attach bung and airlock. Leave for approx. 3 weeks, SG should be at or below 1.000, transfer again. Leave for approx. 2 months, transfer again this time adding 1 campden tablet. Transfer again in 2 months and again in 2 months if necessary. Bottle when clear.


Can be sweetened at bottling by adding 1/2 tsp stabilizer and 1/4 lb dissolved Sugar per gallon.