Lilac Wine


5 gallons


15 quarts lilac petals, no stems or greens

12 lbs. sugar

2 cans of apple juice concentrate

Water to 5 gallons

5 tsp. acid blend

2 tsp. tannin

5 gallons water, boiling 4 tsp. yeast nutrient

 Lalvin 72B-1122 yeast


1. Place flowers, sugar in primary and pour boiling water over them. Stir the dickens out of it so the sugar dissolves well.

2. Stir well and place lid on and let cool for 24 hours.

3. Add remaining ingredients, Sprinkle yeast on top. After 12 hours, stir the yeast in the rest of the must.

4. On day 7 or thereabouts (SG 1.020 or so), take out the flowers and rack to secondary. Put bung in place with airlock. I added a handful of oak chips to this one. It's still fermenting, so I hope it will extract a bit of flavor.

5. Rack when notable sediment is seen.