Montmorency Cherry Wine


6 gallons


25-30lbs Montmorency Cherries (or other sour pie cherries)

12lbs white sugar SG- 1.090

Water to 6 gallons US.

12-tsps acid blend. - adjust TA to .60 (If you don't have an acid test kit, I would only put in 1 tsp per gallon to be safe)

6-tsps nutrient

1-tsp tannin

6 campden tablets crushed. (or 1/4 tsp of potassium metabisulphite) Add 2.5tsp Pectic Enzyme in 12 hours pitch Premier Cuvee Yeast 12-24 hours after pectic enzyme.


Pick and only use ripe Cherries, discard any bad or bruised fruit, then destem and pit. Dissolve the sugar in 2-3 gallons of boiling water, boil until clear. Put cherries in nylon straining bag, tie and place in primary. Cover cherries with the boiling water, cover primary and wait until must has cooled enough to handle cherries. Using rubber gloves and hands or a large potato smasher to crush cherries being careful not to break pits if you did not pit them before. When cooled to room temp add remaining ingredients except pectic enzyme and yeast. Cover and wait for 12 hours. Add pectic enzyme, recover and leave another 12 to 24 hours then add yeast and put lid on primary. Stir and press down bag daily. When S.G. drops to 1.010 (5-6 days), drain fruit pulp (squeezing gently to extract all remaining juice) and siphon liquor into secondary. Fit airlock and rack in three weeks. Rack three more times, once every two months, until very clear. Stabilize and sweeten slightly to taste before bottling. Age 9-12 months