Dandelion Wine

1 gallon



11-12 cups of dandelion flowers

1 gallon BOILING HOT water

2 lemons (zest and juice)

2 oranges (zest and juice)

1.5 lbs of sugar

1 can frozen Welchs White Grape Juice

3 tsp yeast nutrient

2 tsp pectic enzyme

1.5 tsp tannin 

Yeast (experiment with different strains)

Best Techniques: 

1. Sterilize everything. Dad always said making wine should be like surgery. You have a long run of time ahead of you... at least 6 months before sampling. Sure your must is strong at the beginning and fermenting does a lot to keep the wine on its own, but it's important not to introduce any bacteria that will cause oxidation or mess with the various readings you will be taking throughout. Keep everything covered so the fruit flies don't swarm in and contaminate the must.