Muscadine Wine


45# muscadines frozen 2 months

11# sugar (invert)

3 1/2 gal water

6 camden tblts

2 tsp pectic enzyme

3 tsp yeast nutrient acid NONE

2pkts yeast--71B-1122



Press out juice from muscadines and reserve 1 gal. of the juice and store in the refrigerator to be used later. Combine the juice, pulp and hulls with all the ingredients except yeast in two 5 gal. primaries. Adjust SG to 1.092 with additional sugar if necessary. Make yeast starter and stir into must after 24hrs.

Strain off pulp and hulls and transfer to secondary when SG reaches 1.010. Five additional crushed and dissolved camden should be added at this point.


After racking (2-3 times) and wine has cleared, stabalize with sorbate then add the reserved juice but only the portion that is cleared which will be about 1/2 gal. Discard the sediment or use for another batch