Pear Wine


40# cored and sliced pears. After they were in the tote, I ran a sharp knife through them so they were almost diced

8 Gallons water - 5 of them were boiled and poured over the pears to soften them up

3 and a third Tablespoons yeast nutrient

8 and a third tablespoon acid blend

22 drops pectic enzymes

3/4 tsp of Metabusulfite

22 # sugar


let sit for 48 hrs and then added 2 packs of Montrachet yeast


This year I followed basically the same recipe, but used Montrachet yeast in on batch and lavlin 1122 in the other. Just racked them both off for the first time the other day and I think I liked the Montrachet better, but who knows in 6 months