Pineapple Wine


(taken from Terry Garey's book "The Joy of Home Winemaking" and modified just a tad.)


3 gallons


6- 16-20oz cans of crushed Pineapple (mine were 20oz cans)

6.5-lb Sugar 

2-lbs golden raisins for body

Water to 3-gal

Acid Blend to .60TA My PH was 3.29

3-tsp Nutrient

1 1/2 -tsp Pectic Enzyme

3-tsp bentonite

3-campden tablets

1- Champagne Wine Yeast


Add 4 cups hot water to bottom of sanitized primary. Stir in bentonite until completely dissolved.

Chop raisins and place in sanitized straining bag. Over primary, pour contents of the cans of pineapple to straining bag with raisins and tie top place in primary. 

Dissolve sugar in 2 pints of boiling water, remove from heat and add to primary put on lid and let it sit for a couple of hours to soften and plump up the raisins. 

Then add cold water to the 3.5 gal mark (extra 1/2 gal is to make up for the space taken by the bag of fruit). Must should be at or near room temp if not wait till it is, then add the campden tablets, nutrient, acid blend to .60 TA, and pectic enzyme . 


Test to confirm Starting SG of 1.090 Adjust if necessary. Add yeast. 

Ferment for 4-7 days. When SG reaches 1.010 transfer/siphon into glass carboy (secondary), attach bung and airlock. 


Proceed to Clear.


Can be left dry or sweetened at bottling by adding 1/2 tsp stabilizer per gallon and 1/4 lb dissolved Sugar per gallon