Pineapple Blend Wine


1 gallon


1 can (12 oz.) frozen pineapple concentrate(such as Dole's)

1 can (11.5 oz.) frozen white grape juice concentrate OR 1 can frozen apple juice concentrate 2 cups sugar

1 tsp. bentonite (optional-helps clarify faster)

1 tsp. yeast nutrient

1 tsp. acid blend 1 tsp. pectic enzyme water to equal 1 gallon

wine yeast (I like Red Star Montrachet and Premier Cuvee- use your preference)


Start yeast, if necessary.

Place sugar and bentonite into primary. Add 2 quarts of water that has been brought to near boiling-steaming like a good cup of coffee! Stir well.

Add juices, yeast nutrient, acid blend and pectic enzyme. Stir well.

Test must with hydrometer and adjust p. a. to your preference at this point. After must has cooled sufficiently, add yeast. Cover primary.

Stir must daily, 5-7 days, or until active fermentation subsides.

Pour off of lees into secondary. Fit secondary with airlock.

Rack after 30 days. Rack again in 15- 30 days, testing levels with hydrometer. If bentonite has been used, wine will be surprisingly clear at this point. If using no bentonite, clearing will take a while. When clear, stabilize and sweeten to taste, if desired. (IMHO, this wine is best if semi-sweet or sweet-again, your preference) Enjoy!