Pomelo Wine (m)


1 gallon


1.5 kg pomelo sections

1 liter white grape juice, simmered 15 minutes to get rid of sulfites. (In the States, 1 can grape concentrate) 1 kg sugar

3 liters boiling water

1 tsp yeast nutrient

¼ tsp grape tannin

½ tsp pectic enzyme


Type of Yeast: Red Star Premier Cuvee


1. Sanitize bucket, peeler, nylon bag and long-handled stainless steel spoon, plus bottom of stick blender.

2. Scrub the fruit. Thinly peeled 1 pomelo, minus all pith.

3. Put water up to boil with grape juice: simmer 15 minutes to get rid of sulfites in juice.

4. Put peelings into sanitized nylon bag; allow to rest in bucket. Very briefly stick-blended the pomelo chunks; they are too tough to mash otherwise. Put fruit into bag with peelings and tie.

5. Added boiling water and grape juice, sugar, 1 crushed Campden, tannin and yeast nutrient. Stirred well to dissolve sugar. Covered and allow to sit 12 hours.

6. After 12 hours, added pectic enzyme.

7. After another 12 hours, add yeast.

8. Fermented 5d days, then removed nylog bag and allowed to drip drain - following Jack Keller's advice, didn't squeeze it.

9. Siphoned into secondary; fitted airlock.

10. Racked and added 1 cup sugar as syrup. Taste: citric and somewhat bitter. Improved with addition of sugar.

11. Racked; it was almost clear. Fruit came forward a bit more, but still slightly bitter. No additions.

12. Racked and bottled. Color: clear gold. No longer itter, but not much fruit taste. A bit thin. Added Campden before bottling and added 1 drop glycerine to each bottle.

This wine was very drinkable at this date. Served chilled. Light pomelo taste. Refreshing and delicious. Didn't take SG readings regularly, sorry folks. I can foresee making this again every year ; it went over really well with everyone