Potato Wine


I use this wine for topping up. You can use the potatoes for potato-salad or whatever when you are finished.


1 gallon


3.5 pounds potatoes

1 can White grape concentrate

Water to 1 gallon

5 cups sugar

3 tsp. acid blend

1 tsp. yeast nutrient

½ tsp tannin

Red Star Montrachet yeast


Wash and scrub the potatoes. Slice potatoes and place in a nylon straining bag. DO NOT PEEL!

Boil potatoes in bag in the hot water until they are tender

Strain potato juice from the bag and pour into your primary. I let it drip-dry for about 45 minutes Add the remaining ingredients, except the yeast. My SG was 1.090.

Cover primary fermentor, and wait 24 hours. 

Add the yeast and stir daily for about 3 days.

When the SG reaches 1.040, siphon into carboy. Attach airlock. Siphon when notable sediment is seen.


Rack as needed.