Pumpkin Wine


3 gallons


3 gallons water

6 cans, 798ml pumpkin pie filling (pure no additives - ED Smith)

1 KG sunmaid raisins (or ones with no preservatives)

2 KG brown sugar and 2 cups white sugar

6 small sticks cinnamon - broken up

3 medium nutmeg - whole about the size of a quarter

1 tbsp whole cloves

.75 tsp tannin powder

3 level tsp yeast nutrient

2.5 oz acid blend

1.5 tsp pectic enzyme

1 package Lavlin KC1118 yeast


add everything but yeast...... make sure that the next day the must is room temperature and pitch yeast


acid level should be around .6 - .7 .... sg should be at 1.09 but I couldn't check mine because I didn't use a straining bag...... not sure if that is feasible with a canned puree