Pumpkin Wine


5 gallons


30 lbs pumpkin meat from 3 pumpkins

5 -tsp nutrient

1.25 -tsp tannin

12 lbs sugar 

2.5 -tsp pectic enzyme

4 -cinnamon sticks

5 -campden crush

Acid blend to .60TA (about 2 tsps)

Starting SG 1.090

PH 3.32


Made yeast starter - Red Star Montrachet - Pitched yeast 24 hours after starting


Scraped pumpkin meat using an Ice Cream Scooper, and it worked great.


I added the sugar into 2 gallons of boiling water which with sugar volume yielded a total of 3 gallons liquid. That is all the liquid I added to the must. I believe based on what I see that the pumpkin meat will add near 2 gallons of liquid and I will be getting near 5 gallons of finished wine. We shall see when I rack.


After sitting overnight the must has turned to mush and is like a thick soup, I am not sure how I will ever get this one racked. I had to strain out liquid to take the SG readings. It tastes good though.


I am using Montrachet yeast for the first time because several of the recipes I have seen for pumpkin wine call for it. I am wondering now if I made the right choice due to my starting SG of 1.090. I have read some information that states Montrachet is only tolerant to 13%, is that true?? 

If that is the case my wine may not make it to .990 because that would be near 13.5%. Has anyone had any experience with Montrachet??? Will it ferment an SG of 1.090 down to .990?? I have seen a lot of recipes out there at 1.090 or higher that call for Montrachet it can't handle more than 13% then why would it be so popular? 


For me, I will probably want this wine a bit sweet anyway, so as long as it gets down in the 1.000-1.006 range it should be fine.