Pumpkin Wine

3 gallons


2.5 gallons water, boiled 

12 lbs pumpkin 

2 cans of Welch's white concentrate 

7 lbs sugar (or SG to 1.090) 

2 tsp of shaved ginger root 

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tsp tannin 

3 tsp yeast nutrient 

3 tsp acid blend 

1.5 tsp pectic enzyme 

1 packet of Montrachet yeast 


I froze the pumpkin pulp for about a month before I started this. Make sure you put it in a straining bag when it's frozen. You get a lot of extra water with them. It's a mess otherwise. 


After about 6 months (racking whenever there was about an inch of sediment at the bottom), I added 1 can of welch's after I sorbated. 


A month after that, I filtered and then bottled. 


You could also add 2-3 cinnamon sticks to your recipe, but I didn't want to overpower the must with cinnamon flavor. I thought 2-3 was a lot for this size batch, so I added some ground cinnamon. I did not add cloves. I had made an apple wine with cloves in it and I didn’t like it. So I left that ingredient out. Of course, you could add it.

In this wine, you can definitely taste the ginger in it -- not too strong, but it's definitely there. I tasted the cinnamon (just a tiny hint of it), but my husband didn’t. The extra can of welch's after 6 months gave it (what I call) vinosity and some depth. It also sweetened it up a little. Make sure you have your pumpkin wine sorbated before you add it though.

After 5 months in the bottle (about a year after starting), this wine tastes even better than imagined. This is one that most people like. For me, it’s a little sweet, but extremely good.