Chocolate Pumpkin Porter Muffin Recipe


  • 1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
  • ½ cup dark brown sugar (lightly packed)
  • ⅓ cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ½ tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ⅓ cup pumpkin puree
  • ⅛ cup canola oil
  • 1 cup (8oz) beer of choice


Set your oven to 350 degrees. Add all dry ingredients to a medium sized bowl. After mixing and blending all dry ingredients, add in the wet ingredients. When you pour in the beer, do so slowly. I used a mixer to make the batter but you could easily use a fork as well or a hand held mixer. As soon as your ingredients are blended, pour the batter into a cupcake tin one quarter of the way full. Mix should make 12 muffins. Bake for 20 minutes and enjoy!

If you’re looking to make the muffin sweeter try mixing in some chocolate chips or peanut butter chips. These muffins are meant to be healthier than your traditional sweet muffins loaded with extra butter and sugar, even if there’s beer added in. The idea is to enjoy a muffin that has notes of a beer so when you enjoy them together, it’s a perfect match.

Bon apetite!